1. What are the demographics for the Londen student population?

Most of our students are between 27 and 65. We have about 70% men and 30% women of various ethnic backgrounds. Our students have made their mark in a variety of careers, including but not limited to lawyers, firefighters, police officers, medical personnel, counselors, CPAs, managers, engineers, teachers, missionaries, and many others.

More and more churches are using the ďtry it before you buy itĒ hiring method. They hire individuals who possess professional skills but lack formal ministry training. Many students come to the Londen Institute to receive such training.

2. What if I am already working for a church?

Through the Londen Institute, students with church experience can take their ministries to the next level.

3. How does the Londen Institute work?

The Londen Institute holds 3-day Regional Residencies at cutting-edge churches throughout the United States. Students interact with proven Christian leaders to develop professional ministry skills. For those who desire to earn academic credit, the Institute provides 4 weeks of online follow-up assignments and interaction.

Through a partnership with Hope International University (Fullerton, CA), Londen students gain access to additional learning opportunities:
  • 8-day Extended Residencies, sponsored by Hopeís Graduate Ministry Department, add to a 3-day Regional Residency 5 additional days focusing on the students Biblical and Personal development. Extended Residencies are held in Southern California with online follow-up.
  • Online Courses contribute to biblical, professional, and personal development. Such courses typically include audio/visual presentations with PowerPoint, threaded discussions, readings, and projects. Most are 5-7 weeks in length.
Students may participate in these learning experiences for audit or credit. They may earn a Ministry Certificate, a bachelorís degree, or a masterís degree. For details, see Academics.

4. How do I earn a Ministry Certificate?

To earn a Ministry Certificate from the Londen Institute, students must complete at least 12 units of study for audit or credit. Students may choose any combination of the following learning opportunities:
  • 3-day Regional Residencies devoted to professional development (3 units each)
  • 8-day Extended Residencies devoted to biblical and personal development (6-9 units each)
  • Online courses contributing to biblical, professional, and personal development (2-3 units each)
For details, see Ministry Certificate.

5. How do I earn a bachelorís degree?

Up to 24 units of Londen Institute credit may be applied to a 120-unit Bachelor of Science degree in Christian Ministry from Hope International University. For details, see Bachelorís Degree.

6. How do I earn a masterís degree?

All Londen credits may be applied to a 36-unit Master of Arts from Hope International University. Masterís students may choose an emphasis in Christian Leadership, Church Planting, Intercultural Studies, or Worship. For details, see Masterís Degree.

7. Can pastors enter the masterís program citing ministry experience in lieu of a bachelorís degree?

Pastors with 7 years of full-time ministry experience may qualify to enter the masterís program without a bachelorís degree. Contact Hope's School of Graduate Studies for details (sgsadmissions@hiu.edu).

8. Can I earn a doctoral degree?

The Londen Institute and Hope International University currently do not offer doctoral degrees. However, the following institutions have Doctor of Ministry programs and accept Londen credits awarded through Hope International University: The Institute encourages interested students to contact these schools to explore D.Min. options.

9. When do the residencies begin and what are the application deadlines?

Londen Institute Regional Residencies are generally held four times per year in January, April, June, and October. See Next Residencies for dates. Since residencies are filled on a ďfirst come, first servedĒ basis, students should enroll as early as possible and no later than one month prior to the residency.

10. When do online courses begin and what are the application deadlines?

Online courses are offered throughout the year. Most are 5 - 7 weeks in length. For details, see the Online Course Schedule. Since courses are filled on a ďfirst come, first servedĒ basis, students should enroll as early as possible and no later than 2 weeks prior to the course start date.

11. Is the Londen Institute accredited?

Londen courses and residencies taken for credit are accredited through Hope International University. Hope holds both regional accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and programmatic accreditation for Bible and Ministry programs by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE).

12. Do you offer financial aid or scholarships?

The Londen Institute offers an interest free payment plan that is structured over the course of your studies. Some of our students have been sponsored by their local churches and some have received assistance from outside scholarship sources. Degree-seeking students may qualify for federal student loans and other types of assistance through Hope International University.

13. Does the Londen Institute guarantee job placement upon graduation?

Although we do not guarantee job placement, our graduates have been very successful. Alumni of the Londen Institute for Evangelism are working effectively as church planters, missionaries, and staff members at thriving churches around the world.

14. Is ordination available through the Londen Institute?

The Londen Institute views ordination as the proper function of a church led by Godís Holy Spirit, rather than an Institute or University. The Institute therefore encourages students to build a strong relationship with their home congregation, so that those believers may confirm their call to ministry through ordination.

Under special circumstances, the Crossroads Christian Church of Corona, California, will license and/or ordain Londen graduates. This church has been a longstanding supporter of the Institute and has taken a special interest in its students. For more information, see Crossroads Ordination and Licensing Policies. If you have questions concerning these policies, please contact Mr. Mike Long, Executive Pastor at Crossroads (mike@crossroadschurch.com).

15. What are Londen graduates doing today?

Many of our graduates have been hired by churches of various sizes in the U.S. and abroad. Our graduates have launched successful church plants and parachurch ministries. Other graduates have remained in their professions while using their newly acquired skills to enhance their personal ministries and serve in their local churches.

16. How do I get started?

Submit the one-page application form. Upon receipt, we will send a confirmation e-mail. If you have questions, feel free to contact the Londen Institute office at (866) 520-3041 or info@londeninstitute.com.

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